Beach Cleaning Equipments

Beach cleaners are equipments that drag a sifting device over beach sand to remove rubbish and other foreign matter. They are also used to combat the problems of litter left by beach patrons and other pollution washed up on their shores.

Reasons for beach resorts to invest in Beach cleaning Equipments

  • The world’s beaches are constantly being polluted with natural debris (seaweed, algae), waste from maritime traffic( tarballs, plastic containers) waste and rubbish produced by people such as cigarette butts, waste paper, broken glass, cans etc.
  • Tourists and the local population have high expectations of the cleanliness and hygiene conditions required on beaches they visit. The standard of living, the expectations of local inhabitants and visitors, and general environmental considerations makes beach cleaning an imperative for local councils and resort operators, responsible for the condition and presentation of those natural resources.
  • Beach cleaners are very useful after stormy seas, in order to clean and sanitize sands, the turning of sand using beach cleaners improves its exposure to solar radiation and helps kill the harmful agents it contains.
  • Certain beach cleaners also extend into the protection of the environment from oil pollution mostly caused by vessels illegally cleaning their tanks at sea and oil tanker accidental spill. The self propelled beach cleaners like our “Cavalluccio” excel in removing solid tar balls. Stranded and untreated oil can get buried on the beach in layers and this can resurface later to re pollute.
  • Our efficient self propelled beach cleaners like the Ondina & Cavalluccio provide the very highest quality beach maintenance and keep beaches safe and attractive for patrons to enjoy.
  • Worldwide there are more than 10,000 beach cleaning machines in supply and use with beach resorts. This proves the importance of this critical machine.

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