Safety Equipments

Water Gel Blankets

Dual Life saving applications

Fire Fighting & Heat Shield

  • Can be used by a person for self rescue for effecting escape through burning areas.
  • The Rescue team can use the blanket for taking out a trapped victim through a flame in building fire situation. 
  • Capable of withstanding high temperature flames of upto 2800 ° F for a short period of time.

Burn trauma – first aid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns

  • Burnshield Blanket is mostly useful as a life saving First aid device – it can be wrapped around a trapped victim suffering from serious 1 st, 2 nd & 3 rd degree burns/ scalds thereby providing instantaneous physical & physiological relief to the victim.


The Water based Gel blanket is packed in a good quality, barrel shaped poly packing and is supplied duly sterilised by gamma irradiation.

Shelf Life

5 years for both Medical purpose as well as Fire Emergencies from the date of manufacture.

Size of Blanket

Blanket Size : 8' X 5'3” i.e. 2.4 x 1.6 mtrs

Certifications / Approvals/ Accredition

International : TGA ; CE ; ISO ; FDA / ROM (RSA)

India : DIFR Ministry of Defence & DGHS Ministry of Health

Advanced Fire Proximity Suit – Turnout Gear

Certified To Both – latest International Standrds

EN 469:2005 & NFPA 1971:2007

Bristol range of Nomex Turnout Gear are fabricated to meet the rigorous demands of today’s firefighters and have tremendous advantages over the conventional fire suits, when used for intense fire fighting operations. Bristol offers a range of Bunker Suits in 2 pcs style – Coat & Trouser, designed to confirm to both the International Standards i.e. EN 469 : 2005 Level 2 And NFPA 1971 : 2007 Standards

Hazarous Locations

16”/40cm | EFi50xx/EFi120xx/EFi150xx intrinsically Safe Blower/ Exhauster

  • ATEX certified motor is completely enclosed for safe use in adverse atmospheres
  • Blow or exhaust hazardous or explosive gases safely
  • High strength, anti-static glass reinforced ABS housing is lightweight, corrosion proof and chemical resistant
  • Reversible integral duct adapter

Burnshield Blanket Gel Blankets Bristol Fire Suit Exhauster -EFi55