SPILCARE - Surf Wash

Product Description

Spilcare Surf Wash is designed and formulated using the safest surfactants and solvents. The product is water based and biodegradable, free from acids, chlorides, phosphates and hazardous solvents. Its unique "foaming and gel like" feature clings to vertical and hard to reach surfaces.
It is an all around product that suppresses vapour, assists in cleaning up hydrocarbon spills to the greatest extent practical. It releases oils entrained in vegetation, rocks and cobble and enhances residual hydrocarbons bioavailability to allow for enhanced biodegradation. It can be diluted with water upto the ratio 1: 50 ( One part Surf Wash to 50 parts of water).

Product Function

Spilcare Surf Wash promotes the release of oil adhered to shoreline surfaces, to allow it to be mechanically removed by booming and skimming operations. Therefore, the oil that is washed away from the substrate can be removed and further contamination does not occur. It also finds use as a ship deck cleaner and general degreaser.


  • 20 ltrs HDPE carbouys.
  • 200 ltrs HMHDPE drums.
  • 1000 ltrs IBC containers.

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