Spilcare Spill Kits

Spilcare offers a complete range of spill kits to meet your specific requirements. Spilcare kits are an assortment of sorbents (socks, pads, pillows and rolls) nitrile gloves, goggles, etc pre packaged in suitable heavy duty, UV stabilized, rust and maintenance free containers and special bags, which allows swift response to a liquid spill inside or outside a facility.

Types of Adsorbents

Socks: Stops liquid spills from spreading minimizing spill area and also absorbs the liquid.

Pillows: To be tossed on contained liquid. Quickly absorbs deep pool of liquids and capture heavy leaks.

Pads: For smaller spills, place pads directly on top of liquids. The spill will be absorbed quickly, easily and safely.

Rolls: Absorbs liquids in a similar way as pads. Perforated to help you use only what you need.

The sorbents are configured into a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are deployed strategically to contain and adsorb accidental spills. They are wringable, reusable under certain conditions and dustless.

Types of Oil Spill Response Kits

Oil only spill Kit: Oil Spill kits selectively absorb hydrocarbons and other petroleum based fluids while repelling water.

Chemical Spill Kit: Are designed and built for more aggressive spills such as acids, bases, oxidizers and “un- identified spills” usually found in laboratories and other kinds of industrial manufacturing facilities.

Maintenance Kit: Spill response for non-aggressive liquids, such as oils, waters, coolants, solvents and water based fluids.

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Benefits of Procuring Spilcare Spill Kits

  • Your company/ HSE team will be prepared in dealing with any kind of accidental liquid chemical spill or any unidentified spill in your manufacturing facilities.
  • Helps you adopt industry best practices to keep your plant clean, safe and prevent worker injuries loss to property and minimize environmental damage.
  • It will form an integral and critical part of your HSE product range.
  • You would be complying to industry/regulatory standards, especially OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ISO 14001.

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